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Expatriate and Senior Executive Worldwide Healthcare Insurance

Insurance Benefits

The diversified plans enable us to meet your exact requirements, include financial benefits for many different types of services and situations, for example:

· annual benefit ceiling of US $5M
· in and out-patient costs on a full-refund basis
· major hospitalization bills settled directly by insurer with the medical facility
· non-standard coverage for cancer, reconstructive surgery, newborn accommodation and psychiatric illness
· routine dental and complex dental curative treatment
· maternity
· medical evacuation to any country of choice
· new born benefit - now covers premature births

Area of Cover

The four different geographical areas of cover are:
· Mainland China
· Asia Pacific
· Worldwide excluding the USA & Canada
· Worldwide

Out-patient Direct Billing Facilities

The plans that we offer can provide wide range of direct billing network around Asia, Europe, and North America, including but not limited to:
· UnitedFamily Hospital
· Hong Kong International Clinic
· Parkway Health
· Peking Union Medical College Hospital, International Medical Service
· China-Japan Friendship Hospital, International Medical Clinic

Claim Procedure

Out-patient medical expenses can be billed directly to the network facilities, and the insurer can also provide guarantee of payment for the in-patient treatment.
If the treatment is received in a non-network medical facility, the medical costs will have to be paid by the patient and then claimed from insurer.


· Competitive pricing
· Excellent coverage
· Convenience when arranging cover or making claims

Why Us

· We have access to a wide range of insurers and insurance products
· We offer personalized services delivered by experienced, qualified consultants
· We will assist you in: submitting claims; auditing claim results; inquiry and local services.

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Office Hour: 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday (Beijing Time)


We are available to provide up-to-date advice regarding the employee benefits and other corporate insurance needs, and can include a dedicated prompt professional service team. The benefits for the employees can include higher moral and decrease your administration time if you currently have more than one insurance provider.

Expatriate Medical Insurance is a very specialized area of insurance benefits. There are a number of insurance underwriters that provide Expatriate Medical Insurance. A Way Insurance Brokers utilizes the services of only highly reputable companies whom meet our strict criteria.



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·Group Term Life

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